Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Feel Like Dancing!

There are icicles hanging from my house that are as big me. As the snow continues to fall my anxiety continues to rise. Where I live it has snowed every week since Christmas. That's a LOT of snow. I have always been an active person. I want to go out for a walk or take my daughter to the park but everything is frozen & it's absolutely frigid out there. What's a girl to do? Turn on some tunes!

My daughter & I were moving from room to room trying to find something to do. I dug out a pile of unlabeled CDs & decided to pop them in the stereo to see what they contained. The first CD I came across was a mix of 70s songs that had great beats. First on the list: Black Betty by Ram Jam. I put the volume up & my little peanut started dancing all around the room. I couldn't help but join in. I forgot how much fun dancing is! After we went through that CD I stuck another in the player & off we went. We danced & danced & by the end of all our craziness we were both pooped.

I thought about it for the rest of the evening. I couldn't help it. I felt great! Better than I have in a while. I slept like a baby that night, as did she.

So, after much thought I figured I'd compile a list for myself for later reference.

Here's a list of why I love to dance:
1.) I can pretty much do it anywhere.
2.) I don't have to be good at it. In fact, the worse I am the more fun it is to watch.
3.) It's a great workout when I can't get out.
4.) It's a huge stress reliever.
5.) It's just plain fun!
6.) It's something I can do with my daughter.
7.) In my mind I'm the coolest person in the world when I dance. (I'm sure anyone watching would disagree but that's the beauty of dancing alone in your own home.) 

I haven't stopped dancing since that day. Have you ever tried dancing when you're upset about something?
I was really stressed about a few things; money, upcoming dental work I was scheduled for, trying to find a job, etc. I am making a strong effort to not let stress control my life anymore so... I started dancing. I was home alone & decided to just put the stereo on high & let loose. I'm talking full on crazy lady with flailing arms & all. I'm sure anyone watching would think I was having some sort of seizure. In the famous words of my BFF I say "Fine by me!" I couldn't care any less.
See reason #7 above and move on.
I'm gonna check out now & try to get some rest. There's snow in the forecast for tomorrow again & I feel like dancing!


  1. I think I just might join in. I'm also suffering from cabin fever, what with all the snow & cold, so dancing sounds like a great solution.

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